CAD/CAM technology


In our CAD department, we use several brands and types of 3D CAD scanners. This allows us to combine their different capabilities and scan results. Thanks to this, we are able to implement very complex cases.
However, we are mostly working with Identica – Light, Blue and Hybrid scanners, which we also offer to our customers. We have chosen to represent this prestigious company thanks to their years of experience in the field of CAD, and above all because their products are of an extremely high quality, including speed, precision and user simplicity. Our customers will also appreciate their affordability.



The flagship of SINTEO Center from the very beginning has been our 3D printer for CoCr design manufacturing by selective laser engraving (SLM). This is a high-capacity, reliable device that has no competition in its area.  These were the main reasons why we took it and built our the start of our center, as well as our entire philosophy, on it.
Today, hundreds of dental laboratories in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and many other EU countries have tried and still use chromobobalt denture designs made using this technology.



Milling dental work requires maximum precision. Because it is one of our values, we have joined our business with the ZirkonZahn brand, which has long been synonymous with quality.
Our milling center is manufactured by ZirkonZahn, specifically M1 Wet Heavy, which is a milling unit providing 5 + 1 axis parallel milling with track technology. This device allows us to reliably mill materials such as zirconia, CoCr, PEEK, e.max, wax, titanium and many others.

ZirkonZahn1 zirkonzahn2


Starting June 2016, we are entering the market for revolutionary dental 3D printing technology by including several new products in our portfolio. Materials are available for the following applications:

  • temporary substitutes
  • plastic models
  • skeletal structures
  • templates for navigation implantology
  • gingival masks
  • orthodontic solutions