FAQ – frequently asked questions

How do I sign in to your customer system?

It’s easy! On the main page of www.sinteodental.com, you will find the “Login” button in the top right corner. Once you click on this button, you will see the login table. Then you will see the highlighted sign “Registration.” Once you click on this, the registration form opens. Please fill out this form and then click “Save” to save it. Don’t forget to take note of the password for your profile that will be used to log in.

What type of data should I send you?

We only accept data in .STL format.

I want to send you a plaster model. What should such a model look like?

The plaster model you want to send us should have removable individual parts (split model), the Thompson section should be executed and all the members should be rayed. In the case of an implant, the deepest gingival mask should also be included. In addition, a bite relationship registered in silicone should be part of the shipment. The model must not be painted with distance paint, it should not be pencil-painted, and it should be packaged so that it cannot be damaged during transport.

What materials do you use to manufacture your constructions?

We only use materials certified for dental use. For a complete list of materials we use, see the Materials section of this page.

How do you provide a guarantee for your design?

We guarantee a 5-year warranty on all our designs.

How will your design be delivered to me?

Our manufactured designs are sent throughout Europe by UPS.

How long will it take to get the finished design after I make an order?

If you send us data in .STL format, you can expect the finished work within 48 hours. Occasionally, transport complications may occur and the shipment may be delayed by one business day.

Until what time can I send you the .STL data so they are made the same day?

Orders for the production of sintered chrome-cobalt structures are collected until 15:00 CET each working day. Orders for milling work are collected by 12:00 CET every working day. The data you send to us later will be automatically generated the next business day.

Will I get a quality certificate from you?

Yes, we supply a certified quality certificate for each work and product.

How often do you issue an invoice?

We invoice once per month. In the case of orders that are sent to you in the form of a plaster model, invoicing can be done individually.

What settings do I need to have for a CAD scanner to send you .STL data?

For settings for different types of scanners, see the “Download” section.

I am not sure that my modeling is correct and that the construction will go without any problems. Will you help me?

Of course, gladly. Given that we are doing CAD design for many of our customers, we have a lot of experience with a variety of atypical cases and we will be glad to share these experiences with you.

What types of work do you produce?

Our center produces sintered work (EOS EOSINT M270), milling (ZirkonZahn M1 Wet Heavy Metal Milling Unit) and printed plastics (PLANMECA CREO). We only use certified devices that are designed for this type of production.

Can I visit you to see how your center works?

Of course, we’ll be glad if you come to see our production center. It is located in the SINTEO/Rehadent building on Mojmírovo Náměstí 25/25 in Brno. Come and see the quality of products or just to find out how these technologies work. We will gladly welcome you and show you everything.