Delivery times

These turnaround times are valid when STL or plaster model data is received within deadline time for each product. The values are expressed in working days. Weekends and public holidays are not calculated.

CoCr laser sintered25
Zirconia (all types)25
PMMA (all types) 25
Titanium laser sintered36
CoCr milled (copings, crowns, bridges)36
Titanium milled (copings, crowns, bridges)36
CoCr milled (implants)47
Titanium milled (implants)47
CoCr/Ti abutment36
CoCr RPD (incl. polishing)46
Titanium RPD (incl. polishing)46
3D printed models23


Order deadline for each materials:

CoCr/Ti laser sintered3:00 pm
CoCr/Ti RPD3:00 pm
Zirconia12:00 am
COCr/Ti/PEEK/PMMA milled12:00 am
3D printed model3:00 pm